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About Us

The Healing Room, established in 2019 by Jeanne Daniels, is a sacred sanctuary inviting all to embark on a healing journey. With two decades of experience in the healing arts, Jeanne began her journey in a small family home bedroom. Now, blessed with a beautiful and professional space in downtown Frederic, WI, she warmly welcomes clients of all ages to experience a cozy and inviting atmosphere conducive to healing.

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Jeanne Daniels

Founder, CHHP, CHt, BSh

Jeanne, the owner of The Healing Room, was initially recognized by her earliest clients under the business name Integrative Healing Therapies with Jeanne Daniels.


She has been dedicated to the healing arts since 2006, starting in a small spare bedroom at home before eventually relocating to the Main Street of her original small-town upbringing.

While raising her three grown children, Jeanne balanced roles as a nurse, stay-at-home mom, and ran an in-home daycare. Later, when her youngest returned to school, she pursued education in traditional western psychology and earned a bachelor's degree in spiritual healing. Evolving interests led her to acquire certifications as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach/Intuitive Counselor, Medium, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Core Shamanic Practitioner, and Astrologer. She's actively pursuing additional certifications, including becoming a Mind Shift Coach and Death Doula.

Jeanne's transformative journey through healing and discovering who she truly is, began with the loss of her beloved mother, Eleanor, in 1999. The breakdown that came with this loss also brought her to a breakthrough about who she is, what gifts she has and what she must do with them, guiding her towards self-discovery, healing, and embracing her gifts. She has lived life in awe every day since even when those days have been challenging and painful.  Traversing her own pain and grief has helped her feel completely steady and at ease sitting with others as they face their own deep challenges. Her life, she will tell you, has been a steady stream of challenges, just like everyone else's, but she has learned that her challenges help her to help others and because of that she is able to hold a strong, safe space for anyone in need of it.   She believes in being real which means you get to be who you are and you get to say how you really feel when you are in session with her. In your sessions with Jeanne, the focus is entirely on you—your pain, your needs, and a personalized plan will be carefully crafted for you before concluding your time together. You can trust that you will never be judged, only heard and feel held and most likely be made to feel loved and even laugh a little, too, in the process.  If you ever ask Jeanne to describe what she says she will be the first to say she is never really sure how to describe it because it is your soul that tells her what you ultimately need.  Her job is to decode that message, validate your feelings, hold the space, tell you the truth, sometimes the hard truths you need to hear, but always with love in her heart and in her voice and to be your cheerleader all the way to the finish line.   Her greatest joy is in watching you see in you what she has seen in you from the very beginning - your light, your potential, infinite possibilities for growth and so much more.

She embodies her favorite quote from N.R. Hart, "And if you cannot find your way out of the darkness I will sit there with you and show you the stars." It is her honor to be with her clients through every stage of their growth whether it is the deepest of sorrows or greatest of joys and she will journey beside them every step of the way holding a still, strong, and sacred space. Her goal will always be for clients to leave her feeling empowered, respected, cared for, heard, safe, and hopeful.

Jeanne and her fiancée, Gary, have 7 grown children between them, with 7 grandchildren and numerous furry grand babies, too.  They live in the country with their own lovable and hilarious crew of 5 dogs. Jeanne is working on a blog, upcoming publications, a formal mentoring program, and in the coming months introducing an online school.

The Healing Room offers diverse services and classes for emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual growth, available in-person, remotely, or via telephone. Explore the Services Area for details on the offerings designed to support your well-being.

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Jeanne's greatest joy is to coach and witness people as they evolve, discover, and learn to love WHO THEY ARE!

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