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Welcome to the New and Expanded Healing Room: A Self-Care Sanctuary for Your Spiritual Journey

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Hello, hello! I'm so thrilled you are HERE!! So much has already been written about me elsewhere throughout this site that I won't add to that here, but I do want to share that this place, The Healing Room, this 2.0 version, is uniquely special and special for so many reasons. I'll be sharing much more about those reasons in future blog posts, but for now I will just say that in 2019 when the original space just a few blocks south of here named herself I had no real intentions of moving. It was a little, beautiful, perfect space I loved so much. The building was literally a birthday gift from the sweetest man I've ever known in an effort to get me out of the basement that was my first office (to make it physically easier for me to get to work and get home again) to have me closer to home and to help me start building my business again after a debilitating fall in 2015 left me physically struggling to do much of anything.

Fast forward to 2022, with a clientele I never thought possible and the itch to start teaching again, a brick-front building north of the 4-way stop, suddenly caught my eye. We quickly initiated discussions with the owner when we learned it was in fact for sale. Unfortunately for us, someone else bought it before we could seal the deal. Me being me, I chalked it up to timing and figured there would be another opportunity coming that would be a better fit for me or this building would end up not being a great fit for the new owner. As it turned out, the new owner, a year later, sold it to me.

Now here we are, in this lovely, comforting space, that makes it really tough to go home at night! As you peruse through my services page you can see all the things I currently offer as one-on-one healing services. What you don't see yet, though it will be updated soon are the new services coming, the class descriptions and the dates they will be offered (very soon, I promise!), along with more detailed information about the other wellness services we are providing including the sauna and sound lounge (both of which you can schedule online through the site or you can message me if you're having any trouble or want to coordinate those services with an appointment with me. We also have a massage chair available along with a variety of infrared and red light therapy devices to add to any service. There is a surprise in the works on this front as well so watch here for big news. Our mission at The Healing Room is to bring our clients comfort, peace, renewal and healing in all the gentle and effective ways in which we can. Our promise to you is to always make you feel welcome, safe, held, heard, seen, important and part of our family.

I look forward to seeing the familiar faces I've come to love so much and meeting so many new ones in the days ahead at The Healing Room. See you soon!

So much love to you all~



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