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There are angels with flesh and bone and ancient wisdom behind their eyelids that speak of a love that your heart remembers. Wings that can't be seen, but felt, light that does not blink but that illuminates.  They are here to remind you of your Soul Power, to remind you, you are Love and that you are Loved.

I am here for you and here to remind you of all that you truly are. It is my greatest joy and highest honor to serve you.  Wishing peace, hope, and love to all who enter this sacred space with me.

Thank you for meeting me at The Healing Room



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Meet Jeanne Daniels

Thank you for meeting me here!  The Healing Room is a sacred self-care sanctuary for all who enter to embark on a healing journey.  Here you are assured a safe, welcoming place to share your story, open your heart and heal your soul.

Jeanne is the owner of The Healing Room and known to her earliest clients by her prior business name of Integrative Healing Therapies with Jeanne Daniels, since 2006. 

The best thing in the world is getting to watch people emerge into the best version of themselves – healing is not easy, but it is worth it – expanding our self-awareness gently with a guide helps us come to terms with the past, embrace the present and build a solid future.

Founder, CHHP, CHt, BSh

Explore Healing Services

What is most important to us, is that clients have a safe atmosphere where anything can be said and is held in strict confidence, having a plan and a variety of tools/options for healing and moving forward in life, learning to trust and understand themselves, crafting their best life. We provide a variety of services and classes to help you further your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual growth.

Intuitive Readings/Life Coaching

This session involves tapping into your energy field to gain insight and give you guidance in the areas of your life you may need help with.  Sessions range from 30 - 120 minutes.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss or to Quit Smoking

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness which lies between the waking state and sleep.  We offer Hypnosis for weight loss or to quit smoking.  All sessions are allotted 1 ½ hours of time.

Reiki Energy Work

Reiki energy is a gentle energy that is channeled to you through the healer from the Universe and a significant shift in mind, body, and spirit is often the result of this treatment.  All sessions are allotted 1-1 ½ hours.

Astrology Consultations

and Reports

Astrology consultations include a report. All sessions are allotted 2 hours of time.
Astrology reports only are also available.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a gentle form of hypnotherapy which takes an individual back through time to their previous lives by accessing memories and experiences that are normally hidden in their subconscious mind. All sessions are allotted 1 ½ - 2 hours of time.

Classes at

The Healing Room

Classes are fun and empowering and include: Intuition 101 and 102, Dreamscapes, Meditation and Mindfulness, Reiki I/II/III, Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher.

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Mindfulness, Meditation and Everything in Between

“Mindfulness isn't difficult. We just need to remember to do it.”

Sharon Saltzberg

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